Studio Libeskind
die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH

MFS was engaged to assist Studio Libeskind on their flagship retail and office scheme at the crown of Königsallee, Düsseldorf’s premier retail avenue.

The scheme incorporates the use of fully bespoke factory fabricated twin skin unitised panels with integrated venetian blinds in the upper three office floors of the building. The lower three retail floors incorporate large format glazed unitised panels, some of which are 9.6m tall x 2.7m wide. The unitised panels also contain flat and curved travertine natural stone, including operable stone vents, from the Tivoli quarries outside Rome.

One of the more complex undertakings on this interesting project is the use of flat, curved (convex and concave) and folded (convex and concave) high performance coated insulating glass units, some of which are 5.8m tall x 2.7m wide, in order to achieve the complex geometry requirements of Studio Libeskind’s design.

This project was completed in 2014.